Gathering Love And Giving It Away.

Let It Shine Inc.

Let It Shine Inc.

Serving, Loving, Shining

On  a bright, autumn Saturday afternoon a group

of women filled an SUV with spare household items 

and gave it to a lady who had recently lost everything to

a fire. That was the first unofficial Mission for what

is now Let It Shine Inc.  We are here to help our

Sisters with everyday needs and sudden expenses 

that seem just out of reach.

Let It Shine Inc. is gathering love and giving it away. 

Our volunteers will work to match with funds, things

and services, free of charge to the Hudson Valley women

who need them.

If someone needs a suit to attend a job interview or bunk

beds for the grandkids now living with grandma - Let It Shine

can help.

If you need one more college course or need professional 

help to create a resume - Let It Shine can help.

The possible needs are endless - and so are the possible ways 

Let It Shine can help.

First we need to raise some funds.

How Can You Help?

Make a donation here.

Purchase a Let It Shine candle here.

Purchase a Let It Shine tee shirt here.

Host a "L.I.S.A";  Let It Shine Again Pop Up Shop!

L.I.S.A. will be ongoing, individual pop up thrift shops 

you can host at your business or home. 

Register to receive the signage and parameters 

and donate 30% percent of your sales back to the foundation.


Do You Need Help?

We are gathering love and giving it away. 

Apply for a Let It Shine grant here

We will be fulfilling more Missions after January 1, 2020

Thank You!