Summer Fun & Inspirational Weekends


May 10 - 11 Self Mastery Weekend at the Source

Psychic reiki, tools for change, and healing with color at the beautiful Source. 

July 26 - 28 - Beautifully Rooted: Inspirational Weekend at Mariandale

With gorgeous views of the Hudson and a big swimming pool, come feed your soul at this inspiring women's get away.   Register now! 

August 16 - 18 - Gifted Women: Renewing & Re-balancing at Graymoor

With mountain views, campfires and the Appalachian trail,  explore your hidden treasures.  

Reset. Rewind. Remember who you are.    Sign up right here.

Shine On; Media Training - August 14 - Open Center NYC


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VitaminR's VisionWorking Series - Media Training!

Kacey Morabito Grean & Marcy Clark

Interviews can be exhilarating and fun opportunities to shine, or nerve-wracking blurs-full of anguish and anxiety. Kacey Morabito Green, host of Shine On!, the NY Radio show and podcast on living well and consciously, and seasoned publicist Marcy Clark have over 35 years in media between them and are coming together to help you be ready for any media interview opportunity coming your way!

Media training is the art of being both fully prepared with your key talking points and also game to answer any question with enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and insight. In this workshop, we will:

  • Practice being in a live Radio interview
  • Create a Media One-Sheet with your key selling points for why you are newsworthy, noteworthy, and captivating
  • Identify the heart of your message
  • Design interview topics that will appeal to the media as well as paint your brand in a good light
  • Identify stories that best illustrate your brand
  • Learn the etiquette and best practices for pitching yourself to the media
  • See examples of what works and what NEVER works
  • Tap into and receive feedback on your specific communication superpower

Whether you are preparing for TV, radio or print media interviews; gearing up for a set of job interviews; or just want to be prepared for any question that might come your way, this class is a fun, confidence-building approach to interviews that helps you ground into your purpose and your divine truth, no matter how intense the spotlight!

An Evening Workshop
Wednesday, August 14, 2019, 6:00 – 10:00 pm
Members $40/ Nonmembers $50

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New York Open Center

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